Wednesday, 6 June 2012


For a time I have been facinated by thread so I wanted to try to dye my own version.
I bought some cotten thread and started.

First I unpacked the thread and prepared some small wodden sticks. I also had some small plastic jars to dye in.

I wrapped the white thread round the sticks using a big bucket as a help.

 Then I started to make the dye baths.

Here the wrapped threads are ready for dying.

I made some yellow to all of the stichs. In the other end of the stick there had to be an other color: Blue, red and brown.

I hoped that the colors would blend with the yellow, but it didn't happen.
I washed out the dye, dried the threads, and in the end I had 3 tupes of colored thread.

Hope you like it. I am looking forward to use it.