Monday, 22 September 2008


Some weeks ago I went to a seminar with Bettina Andersen as a teacher and inspirer.She has written the book “Embriodery natruraly”.
I read the book before the course and it was inspiring. I brought pictures of nature that had to be the basic for my work on the seminar. I have learned to use the nature as an inspiration. To use my sewing machine for free embroidery was a new experience and I used all different kind of thread. I used Ultra Solvi is a “wash away” product for sewing and also other different kinds of new materials such as Paint Sticks. You can see my results from the seminar here below. I also show the pictures that inspired me.
Thee trunk bag. The pattern on the tree trunk is used for the embroidery on the bag.
Redcurrant. I had a good experience by picking our redcurrant this summer.
Hald lake This picture is from Hald Lake and I love it because of the colors.
Paint Sticks The paint Sticks can be used for marking up different patterns on surfaces. After the paint has dried and the fabric ironed, the sewing start.