Monday, 5 December 2011

The Oak Three

Round our summer house there is a lot of oak threes. I took a photo of them and especialy the leaves vere interesting. I used the photo in the EQ7 and thought the colors blended vith the snow dyed fabric I made some time ago.
I decided to make a small quilt with the theme Oak three.


I am more and more into embroidery, and here I mean free embroidery on my sewing machine and some times also by the hand.
Resently i had some ideas from the artist Linda Miller and her book "Creative machine embroidery". The book is very recomendable for those who embroider this way.
I bought two copies and gave one to my friend Hanne Goetske who is a painter. You can find your way to her webside here:
Together we have made the 5 broches shown below here. Hanne has given me the
motives and I have done the embroidery. Super teamwork. :-)
I have learned that you have to fill your bobbin with the tread you use for the embroidery. One of the broches is not so clear in color because I used some white thead in the bobbin.