Monday, 5 December 2011

The Oak Three

Round our summer house there is a lot of oak threes. I took a photo of them and especialy the leaves vere interesting. I used the photo in the EQ7 and thought the colors blended vith the snow dyed fabric I made some time ago.
I decided to make a small quilt with the theme Oak three.


I am more and more into embroidery, and here I mean free embroidery on my sewing machine and some times also by the hand.
Resently i had some ideas from the artist Linda Miller and her book "Creative machine embroidery". The book is very recomendable for those who embroider this way.
I bought two copies and gave one to my friend Hanne Goetske who is a painter. You can find your way to her webside here:
Together we have made the 5 broches shown below here. Hanne has given me the
motives and I have done the embroidery. Super teamwork. :-)
I have learned that you have to fill your bobbin with the tread you use for the embroidery. One of the broches is not so clear in color because I used some white thead in the bobbin.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


For the first time I have made an ATC - Artist trading Card. I joiner the group in Stitching Fingers and accepted a swap. We had to make an ATC about the wildlife and send it to an other person on the list. I nce have tried this with Fabric Postcards and I liked it so much.
I think that an ATC is smaler than the FP and it was more difficult to do it.

Here is my ATC:

Summer quilt

Last summer I started sewing a quilt inspired by the way Alicia Merrett does.

She has shown how to cut and sew on tre videos on you tupe. Find them and learn.

I wanted to make a small quilt for our terrasse in pale colors, but it took some time. I learned that the binding has to be sewn in hand to make it right. Not on the sewing machine. I will remember that in the future.

I gave the quilt to a little girl I know.



Our neighbours has had a small dog called HANSEN. They were so kind to bring back a PW book from the USA for me, and of corse I had to make HANSEN a carpet to sleep on.

Inspiration form Jenny Rolfe

In the spring I bought a book about making bags from Jenny Rolfe. Many times I have seen it on the shelves in our library and I was always amaced about the bags. Then I found a copy in danish and bought it.

Her ideas and inspiration made me do these things:

A small purse to my mother in law:

Two little bags for your cigarettes or mobile phone

And as the last bag I dyed some fabric especial to this project, bought some matching fabric and some big pearls for decoration:

I know that I will return to the book in the future to get some more inspiration.

Thanks Jenny Rolfe.

Summer 2011

Again I am smoking.
Terrible - but all though my life is ballanced.
This summer I have done a lot of sewing, and I will present some of the things I have made here on the blog.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Quilting - first attempt.

I really want to learn how to machine quilt, and here you can see one of my first attempts.
I used the teknik of Vickki Pignatelli to make the center with the flower and made the borders of matching colors. All fabric is dyed by myself.
I have decided to practise the machine quilting every day, and yesterday I went to a fabric store to buy fabric and batting for my exercises.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I am a non smoker

For about 40 years I have smoked, but nov I have quited smoking.
In 3 weeks I have gone from 10 smokes a day to none. I am very proud to do that and I am sure that I have a better life.
The other day I bougth a bunch of blue hyacints for my selves. I could sense them and I loved them. Both the color and the sense. Here they are:

Clothes for Christmas presants

I have made clothes for my niece and for my daughter as Christmas presents. I know that they were happy about the presents.
The fabric I made this vest of come from South Africa. I managde to get hold of some buttons made there too so that the vest would be a remenberence for my niece about her stay there.

For my daugther I made a tunika: